Sunday, October 14, 2007

o man

Class was really exciting on thursday. the pairing up and one person not knowing whats going on is neat. everyone is getting better and reacting with eachother. and the trapped excerscise was cool too especially max

saw the play

I saw the play on Thursday, and I really don't have any complaints. That's going besides the fact that I had a really good seat and didn't have to pay for my ticket because I was an usher (so I got service hours out of it for my sorority, too). But anyway I really did like it. I kept wondering when the couple was going to catch their break and thought that with every call the adoption process would work out for them. But then it made the ending that much better because when the situation was finally fixed, it was a twist in the plot. And of course Max was just great in it. One last thing: everyone should sign up to play cornhole in the ADPi tournament! It'll be fun, there's food & prizes and the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House!