Monday, October 22, 2007

this weekend

So I went home this weekend and it was probably one of the most boring experiences I have haven been a part of. Dont get me wrong I like seeing my family and all but I come from a real small town that doesnt even have a Walmart, so you can imagine how boring it really is. I just dont enjoy going home very much. But yea

pumpkin patch

this weekened I got to go to a pumpkin patch. it was fun. I got lost in a corn maze for 3 hours, it was ridiculous but fun. And all I got for it was a lil candy bar but just being outside and in the fall weather was amazing. and everyone knows how much I love the fall so yea. i also got a pumpking its green, my favorite color : ) and i got to drink hot apple cider. it was awesome. okay thats all i got see yall tomorrow

class on thursday

i really enjoyed Thursday's class. i had been so stressed lately with my brother being hospitalized homecoming weekend when he hurt himself skating and then my dad who is a police officer is about to loose his job because his diabetes is screwing up his feet and they don't think he can do the job anymore. to add to that all the classes and homework, exams, and all of the stuff i have to do with my chapter and being an RA is beginning to take its toll. I was extremely stressed out and i really needed Thursday's class. im surprised i was even able to relax. and the worst part was that i hold most of my tension in my neck and back so when we had to tense those areas of our bodies it was really painful but it felt good to get it out. I hope we can do that soon or at least our last class before finals.


I just want to say that Thursdays class was amazing. I really needed a break out of my hectic life that Ashland University has taken over. Although this week is not as bad I could use another class like that in the near future. It was just really nice to actually take some time and think about yourself for once. I rarely ever get the time to do this on a weekly basis. I will try to keep the that I experienced when that class was over with me for this entire week. If I can do this, I will end up having another great week here in Ashland.