Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Since we are allowed to write about anything I figured I'd just write about our past class, specifically the mirror exercise....I really enjoyed doing that because as a white person I have never really been able dance the robot. Growing up in a blue collar family on a blue collar farm I was never given the guidance or counseling to perform the robot as no one had ever seen it, in it's purest form. But junior high after junior high dance and beyond I would try so hard to impress my peers with my dancing robot moves, but I was never able to complete the dance. I hate to fit the stereotype but I always got so frustrated on the dance floor but after that mirror exercise I felt like a superstar because it felt like I was doing the most amazing robot the world had ever seen. I gained a lot of experience from that exercise and it has really helped me in continuing to reach my goal of becoming the greatest robot dancer in the world. I would like to just let everyone know that if you wanna see some magic just maybe try to come to the wheel or linder's or any Ashland bar late one night and you might just see some real fireworks
a.k.a. My Robot dancing skills

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Bray said...

alright, i dont know how to leave my own posts, so im leaving a comment instead. Honestly, i didnt even read this post, but oh well. My day today was sweet. I played guitar hero, went to class, played more guitar hero, took a nap, ate, slept some more, went to the rec center, hung out, and thought about doing homework or studying, but then i didnt. It was probably the best day of my life. I hope Fabio sees this so i get credit for my post. Byeloveyou.