Monday, September 24, 2007

So, this weekend i realized how dull and boring ashland is. I went to Ohio University, and words can not express the ridiculousness that is Palmer street. People are very funny when they are drunk, ask Carbone. Oh and Daine works at the smoothie bar in the Rec. Center. You should all go see her and try to get free food out of her. She enjoys the company.

Can this week be over yet?

I feel like i have so much to do! At least my quiz in history went well today. i think i did a good job but i could be wrong and now i need to write a paper that is due wednesday and i have two exams; one on wednesday and one on thursday. i do not like my professor in my child development class. i really wish she would me the exam to friday. we just went over stuff in class today that will be on the exam and she gave us like a four page study guide! ARG! so talking about the exams i need to go study and maybe tackle my paper a bit more. i haven't worked out in over a week and wish i had time too :(

Best day of the season

today was my first full day off from football ass seasone and it will be until our bye week. I had a ton planned but instead of getting anything done i drank beers and played risk. So basically i took full advantage of my extra time.


Since that last class where we had people working together and talking, I have been watching people (such as the convo workers) to see how much they talk as they work. It is interesting how we want to talk during the exercise in class but in reality people really don't talk to each other very much. With this, i have been watching people in my classes as they sit and listen to the professor or whatever. How they just listen is not very active. What i mean by this is they don't respond with body language to everything that happens like we do when we pretend to listen. When your out, watch people.
I was so excited whole of last week because there were not many assignments, but this week has just begun, and the assignments are just piling up. To top it all, I have two tests this week, one of them being Math. Don't know what I am going to do, the math-phobic that I am. Hope all goes well.
I am eagerly waiting to see the play for the Theater class. Hope this week goes by like a blur.

recruitment is over

Greek recruitment is finally over and I'm so happy don't get me wrong its a fun time, but everything just meshes together with school and its really hard to get your work done. I mean your burning the candle at both ends. Being able to use your voice in acting class is cool, but i really liked the fact that we didn't over use it because if we do its just going to be overkill. Also that we use it in a realistic manner and not a very unrealistic way. Ya for the Indians, I'm sad the browns lost, but there is much more improvement with them than past years. My Miami Dolphins are having a horrible start to the season and I'm upset about that, but they will bounce back after all there the only team who has gone all the way to win the Superbowl undefeated. Props to coach Shula, and the no name defense.


So i am really enjoying class also i think it is pretty cool how we all react with each other and the other thing is the bike rack thing never gets old. And for the browns today i am really upset the timeout was a joke. But at least one team did something today and thats the indians. I am pretty excited about that. And i dont think im the only one who is So lets go Cleveland