Wednesday, September 19, 2007

same here megan

i can't believe how much work rush week is and on top of that i still have all of my class work and i am ready to just go jump off the roof of the library. Does anyone care to join me!? but im totally kidding so don't think im some suicidal maniac. And speaking of franklin's autobiography...yeah.. im on page 53 and the paper is due wednesday not to mention that quiz we have monday! wow school is just kicking my butt this year AND IM ONLY TAKING 15 CREDIT HOURS THIS SEMESTER! im kind of worried about whats going to happen when i start student teaching next semester and im taking like 18 credit hours. im going to have no life. im really glad that im not swimming anymore! im just glad that im taking this class because it helps me relax and have a good time for a little bit.

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