Thursday, September 13, 2007

everytime i used to go in front of the class to perform, i always felt a little nervous thinking that others are watching me and I shouldn't make a fool of myself.. but today, when I put that fear aside, i felt i was able to be honset about what I was doing.. n i believe that Acting requires one to be honest with what one is doing in order to be convincing..


First the point totals:

Bray leads with 20
Megan, Big Hale & Cbone each have 5
Hagdaddy & Kelsy each have 1

So here we go again, lets get away from the singers and go back to an actress and actor. Both are currently superstars in Hollywood......


I think that activity was pretty successful for everyone. It is hard to put facial expressions and body movement into something that isnt really happening but once you do it helps the audience understand your situation and draws more interest I think. WHen doing the tug-of-war excerise it was important to react to what your partner was doing to make it more realistic. If your partner was tugging really hard you should have been pulled forward and vice versa. I think when thr groups did that you could almost picture the rope between them. I thought a lot of the groups were able to pull that off.


I' m not quite sure what to write about so I figured I would write about class. I was pretty amazed as to how good acting really looks like. I thought that Anthony looked real good in the tug-o-war drill. It really honestly did look like he was actually in the middle of a competition. I even found myself a litlle bit sore once I was done. It wasn't as easy as some people made it out to be and I understand why. Having to act off of other people is incredibly hard and I haven't even began to grasp the tip of the iceberg with it. I look forward to being able to learn more on how to react and act off of others in tommorows class.