Tuesday, October 2, 2007

no class today!

since there was no class today i decided that i would sleep in, but i ended up waking up @ 10 and not being able to go back alseep! so i got up and went to patterson, typed up that paper. it was harder than i thought because it was hard to find information on that lady, lisa. but i did it, and it was hard. then i went shopping in mansfield and bought a purse, so it was fun. it was a good day. and i only had one class!

Sand Volleyball

Today I played sand volleyball behind the rec center, and let me tell you, it was alot of fun. Even if you are really unathletic or hate volleyball, I suggest playing at least once. And if you do want to, you had better hurry, there is not going to be many more nice days like today. And the Indians play on Thursday, I'm pretty excited. Everyone should root them on against the Yankees.
hey wish we had class today.. i really love this class and the stuff we do in it.. plz dnt cancel it again..

dear mitch...

I know this is slightly off-base, but I thought it was really funny. Mitch: the reason Sarah really wanted you to post was so she could find out if you were going to write about your amazing Saturday night and the magical events that unfolded (referring to dinner and a movie). AKA, your anniversary. She is disapointed. But go Cleveland (PS: don't kill the messenger and Sarah wants me to add that she would like to live, aswell). On another note-I'm kind of bummed class was cancelled because Thursday was awesome. But I'm pretty pumped I can sleep in til whenev tomorrow.