Monday, October 1, 2007

Here we go Brownies, here we go...

I believe this was one of the best weekends for clevland fans. The Indians did amazing along with the Browns kickin some Baltimore ass. The weather was gratifying along with all the great things that happened in the great city of Cleveland. I am going to the second playoff game of the Indians on this friday. I can not wait until that game.


Well I would like to write my blog about the Browns game yesterday. They put themselves second in the division ahead of the bungals and the former Cleveland Browns. I still consider the Pittsburgh game a fluke because Charlie Frye was the quarterback. Once Derek Anderson was put in, it seemed like the team became a completely different team. Im excited to watch them play New England this week and end their winning streak.

Class Cancelled! Tuesday, October 2 - PROJECT ASSIGNED

Hello Students, I will be off-campus tomorrow, October 2 in order to work on a lastminute project. (I will tell you all about it when I see you onWednesday.)In lieu of class, I am giving you an assignment. It is due thisWednesday, October 4. It should not take you more than an hour to anhour and a half to complete.Assignment: In prepreparationr viewing the Ashland University Theatreproduction of EXPECTING ISABEL, I would like each of you to use theinternet to research and write a 1 to 2 page paper on Lisa Loomer (theplaywright) and what charccharacterisesork. Again you are to hand-in this assignment on Wednesday, October 4 at ourregularly scheduled time.

finally a week that i can just realx through

Last week for me at least was hell, i had two papers due and two tests as well. I just was swamped with work and it really sucked. I had no spare time all the time was spent typing or going over terms, and thinking about how i was going to answer various essays. But this week i don't have that much in the way of major homework. I mean i still have the normal work but nothing around that neighborhood of work. So Sunday rocked the Browns won but my other team the Dolphins dropped to o-4 but i still behind them all the way. Soon midterms will be upon us and more studying for now at least its a slow week.


So this weekend i discoverd just how much i love football. Its amazing how the browns can go from one week looking like the worst team ever, but then the next week look amazing. I really do love watching the browns win they win or lose. And i cant wait to go to a browns game.