Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well hello... It is Halloween, the day of the dead... This day is represented by the most terrifying creatures ever to enter our minds and threatened our lives... Each year, the spirits of the dead walk upon us in our ignorance and feast on our souls... The only thing that can stop them now is the crow... the symbol of death... the creator of fear... feasting..
This new project that we are doing with our partners is pretty cool. I like being able to design our own scenes and use props and stuff. I feel like the class is really going to pick up from this point on. This partner project is going to allow us to use all of the stuff that we have learned in the same scene. After watching a few people do their scenes, i feel like its going to be harder to combine all the skills than i originally thought.

mapping it all out

so yeah i enjoyed mapping out the scenes that we are going to be working on. It was alot of fun so far and i think the people that went already did a great job! Mike and I are not until number 7 so we have some time yet, but that means we have to compete with all the others! Well good luck guys at the scenes tomorrow! We'll do doing ours also! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I suck at blogging and it is why i have a low A. I'm pretty upset about this, but it is my own fault for not being responsible enough to consistently blog about nothing. Don't get me wrong, I love this class, but I do not like how blogging has affected my grade so much.

This class is getting great because we are starting to improv a lot. Josh, Anthony, and Dane were hysterical today, as well as Brey and Max. Max is a hell of an impover. I have seen almost every episode of Whose Line is it Anyway so hopefully my improve skillz are up to par with Max and Brey.

Double wizzbang

Wizzbang is nothing but a gateway drug. After awhile wizzbang doesnt do it for you anymore, next thing you know you're into ker-plupes, curveballs , and booms!. Then once those don't do it for you anymore you get into double wizzbang and soon enough you're playing lyin on a street corner asking for change just to play more wizz bang. I don't know if that made sense to anyone else but i feel closely to that. By the way i ruled at double wizzbang big deal
peace, love, and boom max

Anthony Carbone

Thetar 214 rocks !!

The Acting for non-majors class is really cool, because it is interactive and informative. The other classes seem so dull and boring in comparison to this one. I mean all we do is sit and listen to the Prof going on and on about something or the other, and we do not even know at times the name of the people around us. On the other hand, in this class, we perform together and do crazdiculous things like whiz-bang, pulling out imaginery stuff from things that do not exisit. Its awesome to be able to be creative rather than just analytical.


Halloween is a lot of fun because you get to dress up and act crazy and with a uniform on no one will know who you are...It seems like it is a lot easier to make a fool of yourself when you know that you have some sort of barrier that protects you from the judgement of others...But with the comfort level that a mask or costume brings it enables you to act a little stranger or weirder than a person is more accustomed too...
halloween is probably the best holiday of the year. There were so many cool and creative costumes this year, for example, i saw someone who was a breathalizer, the 300 spartans, edward scissor hands, among others. We need to play more double whizbang because its the coolest thing in the world.
First of all, I am peeeed off that I didn't get to experience double whiz bang on Thursday. It sounds very intriguing. And on another acting related note, I just watched the movie Transformers and I am pretty sure that they would fail Acting for Non-Majors. They seriously didn't do anything at all that we talk about in this class, that and the fact that I still picture Shia or whatever his name is as the eccentric young fellow that we all know and love from Even Stevens. But one thing that I did give them credit for is that they had to react to the transformers and pretend that they were there, unless those actually weren't computer animated and they flew them in from central casting at Planet Wehavecrazymutatingcyborgcreatures...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Class rules

first i'd like to point out how many people didnt show up the day after fabio gave us a freebe i thought that was funny. But beyond that i was having the time of my life with was amazing. I dont remember what it was called when u kicked the ball but watching max going goal was soo worth it. And Bill's double block was pretty damn clutch. So basically it was all crazdiculous

wizz bang

so yeah i dont remember if i blogged or not.. so here it goes once again if i already did..
wizz bang was sweeet especially the elimination round even tho i got out! haha.. well hopefully tommorow willl be interesting!

Did it work?

I had a wickedly busy weekend - three photoshoots in two days! Saturday was a 10 hour marathon while Sunday I had two 6-hour shoots. Now I have only about 500 photos to sift through (after throwing out the garbage!)

But I was thinking about how simmilar acting and modeling really are and how the techniques we've learned in class have translated into my being better able to communicate exactly what I want from the models. I guess the biggest difference is that in modeling you play to the camera and in acting you ignore it.

Anyway, when you are on a shoot you need to create an illusion, not too dissimilar to acting.

Well here it goes, I am pressing the publish button.... hope it works this time....this is getting frustrating.

Whiz Bang

I completely agree with Jason. I am amazing at Double whiz bang. No but seriously that is completely ridiculous. The best part was definately when we got Fabio out. He was definately stunned to say the least. Lookin forward to another awesome game of it.

whiz bang

i love whiz bang, especially double whiz bang, it is my favorite game ever to play, and bill is amazing at it, cant wait to play it again

i'm waiting for Life of Ryan to start!

First off: I had an awesome weekend starting with Chapter Presents on Thursday, Date Party on Friday and Phi Psi semi on Saturday. Basically, I saw half the class 3 days straight. Thursday...all I have to say about class is that I suck at double-whiz bang. Awesome at the regular version, but whatev. BUT Bill and I totally rocked it at partner work. Hedge clippers? I mean, c'mon. I finally had a crazy idea that worked out. Looking forward to tomorrow! P to the S: my besties wanted me to write that we now have new nicknames courtesy Casper the Friendly Ghost: Stinky, Stretch and Fatso. I know it's totally not relevant but they were mad I didn't write it the first time.
Last week from Thursday till Saturday i was at a conference for my major in Columbus. Included in this conference was a lot of presentations of new research. People would go up in front of everybody, wearing their nice cut straight suits and lecture about their new research. It was interesting to me how boring some of these people were. Many of them talked in very mono-tone voices, very limited hand motions and movement, lack of emotion. I think that if they did add some emotion and some action into their presentations, it would make it a lot more interesting. It was then and there that i decided that if i were to ever present research, i would do it and have some fun with it. I would use a lot of the things that i have learned in this class too. Learn to think on my feet and play off of the audience's reactions. For these reasons, this class is important to me.
This weekend was amazing. We had our semi-formal for our fraternity and I had a blast. Everyone looked as if they had a great time. That is all you can ask for with an event like this. Another reason it was great is that the Browns won their game on Sunday afternoon. There is very few things that get me more excited then when the Browns win, well that might be a lie. I am also looking forward to class on Tuesday because we are getting our grades and I am really happy about that.
I just wanted to post about how good of acting I thought everyone who went to see AU chapter presents saw if you went. There were some crazy dance moves, scantily clad men and some live music. It was real cool. I also just thought Id let everyone know I went out and bought some playdough and if you want to you can come over to my room and practice pulling stuff out of it.

class and the weekend

So whizbang has taken a new level of skill to play with the introduction of two things at one time. Its really crazy and i was one of the first ones out because i just didn't know where the two things were at the same time. It was hilarious to see people play it though, the faces they make and gestures. The weekend was a great time our fraternity had a semi formal which was a blast. I danced my butt off which i haven't done in a long time. I really enjoyed it, it was one of the best times i have had in a while. I hope my date had fun she said she did, and i don't think i was boring lol. The next day we had club soccer game which was our last one, and despite how tired we all were because have the team are brothers of Phi Kappa Psi. So we were all out real late we won the game with a final score of 3-2. So that made my weekend a great dance and a win to end the season on a good note. Now i have to concentrate on Club tennis we just had a match vs. The Ohio State and I didn't do good personally. It was also the same day as semi formal so my date and I had to rush back from Columbus to attend the dance, because she also plays club tennis.


Well this weekend was fun. I went to the haunted reformatory in Mansfield on Thursday night. Not so much scary but fun. Then Saturday after beating Findlay I went to a halloween party. it was a good time.

Well I hope class is fun tomorrow. I never don't have fun when I go so I guess I expect it to be. See ya there

Thursday, October 25, 2007


class today for me was the most fun i have had in a while, whiz bang was amazing today, the funniest one we have had yet, we are all getting so much better at that game, and i love how carbone just yells and runs. As for the excercises i think working in pairs is more effective for us because we can feed off one another, and we do it well i think. So i am looking forward to next class to keep working on the substance excercises

the day...

today in class. what did we do? oh yes partners and the slime... that was interesting. it was especially interesting to see how the partners interacted with eachother with the slime. it was defintally like a mirror exersize on how we had to mimic what the other people were doing. it was cool though, and i also liked the exersize how we had to continue what the other person was doing. i think it would of been more affective though if we were put into groups.
Class was fun today, especially as we had to deal with the substance in two's. But the best part was the whizz-bang game because it went both ways, it was really confusing but amusing as well.

I am waiting for next wednesday to see the students dreesed up all wierdly in their Halloweens best or should i say worst :))
I love this chilly weather...It's so nice that it is actually seeming to be fall again...I just got back from giving a tour and it was great walking around in this weather...Last night my friend and I were watching the show whose line is it anyways' and it reminded me of our class...Noticing how they use props and other things and how funny their improvs were was a first for me...I mean, I've always known how funny they were but I never noticed how good they were with imaginary props...It was interesting to see how they interacted with each other with the imaginary props...That's all I got...


Thank goodness its thursday, this week hasnt been too awful bad for me. it was actually kinda of relaxing but I'm just glad its almost over. But the sooner tomorrow is over the sooner the next week full of everything to do will come. Oh well thats life I guess. Yea Tuesday's class was fun, I feel bad that Dave didnt understand what to do atfirst but he got the hang of it. haha

Let's go Eagles... Beat Findlay = D


So class on Tuesdday was quite funny. I thought it was great seeing everybody try and pull their object out of the floating mass of blobness. I about peed my pants when AJ brought out a horse and then galloped into the sunset with it. Well I hope that tomorrows class is just as exciting. I seriously look forward to this class to lighten up my week, and so I get some time to actually relax and have fun with what I am doin.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy+Ridiculous =====

Tuesday was fun, when we were first asked to pull out things from the substance, and later to play with the imaginery goo, I do not know why, but I was constantly reminded of Robin Williams in Blubber.
Hope to continue with such CRAZDICULOUS stuff in class.

A few Things4

The thing we do in this class get stranger and stranger as we go along. Pulling things out of a substance that doesn't exist except for in our own minds is pretty crazy. My substance is like cotton balls, clouds, and....well, its like the clouds in Aladdin, when they are on the magic carpet ride and they make the cloud into a swirl. That’s what my substance is like. Its not messy or sticky, but it has volume to it. So, you can't just run through it because it doesn't just blow by, you have to push your way through it. Anyway, I could have used a relaxing period last class. I had a pretty late night previously.


I wish we were doing more improv skits. I really like those skits. There alot more fun when you have to think abou stuff off of the top of your head and it really felt like we were doing something. The excercise we were doing on Tuesday wasnt very fun. I kinda felt like we took a step backwards.


tuesday in class was interesting to say the least. i never saw anybody doing that weird stuff like pulling things out of the goo. it was interesting to see how different people had different reactions to the goo and what they were pulling out. but i especially liked walking through the goo the other day that was pretty sweet.


In class tuesday was interesting to see everyone react different to their substance, everyones substance was different and that was nice too see. it was interesting to see how everyone used their substance also, how they played with it, like putting it on as a coat. the first excercise was harder because you actually had to see the object.

not titled

So I'm having a decent week i guess, and i really enjoyed the exercise where we took a random object out of the gel or whatever you thought it was in your own mind. It was different to try to imagine what it would be like to pull it out by simulating what it would be like in your hands. Even though the object wasn't there. So i hope to do it again and Mable elaborate on it. Plus this weekend is semi formal and I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to put on a suit and tie and just have fun. Then our last regular soccer game is on Sunday and i hope to go out with a bang and win. So I'm just looking for a good Thursday i guess. So come out and support chapter presents and club sports.


So non-Greek classmates: tomorrow night is Chapter Presents (Upper Convo, 9:30) and a good opportunity to see us Greeks make fools of ourselves (I can personally attest to that because I seem to be the designated lame-costume-girl in ADPi). And mabes we'll be applying some stuff learned in class, but I think Fabio would be embarrassed of us if we gave him any props for what will go down tomorrow. But that's just on my behalf. I also like how I use the blog as a plug, but I couldn't think of anything else to write.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For some reason, i just couldn't grasp the concept of taking objects out of mid air and manipulating them. Fabio said that i think very analytically, and that is true. I am good at science stuff, but in some cases when it comes to abstract thought, it's difficult for me to grasp the concept. I also thought it was interesting when he talked about how people create emotion by reacting to situations. After I thought about it, it made a lot of sense.
I really wished that the exercise we did on Thursday we actually did today....I really could use a break today because I am just not feeling very well today...But yes, Thursday was an amazing class and it really was relaxing and well needed....This weekend was actually interesting because I got to use my acting skillz at Cedar Point...My friends and I went there to volunteer and help out Friday and Saturday at the park....Both nights I had to sell lightsabers for the park while walking around with a little baggy...I had to act crazy and fun and make a total fool of myself to get people to buy but it was a lot of fun...I put on an "act" for people to get them to buy things and apparently my zaniness was up too par because of all the sellers' I sold the most so that was a pretty crazy weekend...And my friend did the same thing one night and only sold 4 lightsabers, 2 on his own. His name was Jason Metze, he wears work boots...

a few things3

I just tried to post and I got rejected and i'm not going to write what i just wrote again

i love relaxing

Thursdays class was the best class ive ever been in. it was like gym class in elementary, something that everyone liked and looked forward to. i was so relaxed i think i drifted out of consciousness because i didnt recall any of the things fabio told us to think about. Anyway, i hope we do that again, or every remaining class. im looking forward to seeing how i act differently during our excercises while trying to be as relaxed as possible.

Monday, October 22, 2007

this weekend

So I went home this weekend and it was probably one of the most boring experiences I have haven been a part of. Dont get me wrong I like seeing my family and all but I come from a real small town that doesnt even have a Walmart, so you can imagine how boring it really is. I just dont enjoy going home very much. But yea

pumpkin patch

this weekened I got to go to a pumpkin patch. it was fun. I got lost in a corn maze for 3 hours, it was ridiculous but fun. And all I got for it was a lil candy bar but just being outside and in the fall weather was amazing. and everyone knows how much I love the fall so yea. i also got a pumpking its green, my favorite color : ) and i got to drink hot apple cider. it was awesome. okay thats all i got see yall tomorrow

class on thursday

i really enjoyed Thursday's class. i had been so stressed lately with my brother being hospitalized homecoming weekend when he hurt himself skating and then my dad who is a police officer is about to loose his job because his diabetes is screwing up his feet and they don't think he can do the job anymore. to add to that all the classes and homework, exams, and all of the stuff i have to do with my chapter and being an RA is beginning to take its toll. I was extremely stressed out and i really needed Thursday's class. im surprised i was even able to relax. and the worst part was that i hold most of my tension in my neck and back so when we had to tense those areas of our bodies it was really painful but it felt good to get it out. I hope we can do that soon or at least our last class before finals.


I just want to say that Thursdays class was amazing. I really needed a break out of my hectic life that Ashland University has taken over. Although this week is not as bad I could use another class like that in the near future. It was just really nice to actually take some time and think about yourself for once. I rarely ever get the time to do this on a weekly basis. I will try to keep the that I experienced when that class was over with me for this entire week. If I can do this, I will end up having another great week here in Ashland.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


First off-thanks to all who showed up for our cornhole tournament! I think we made about $350 for the Ronald McDonald House, which is awesome. I really enjoyed class on Thursday because last week was kind of hectic for me, and it looks like this week may be on repeat. But it was a good kick off for my weekend because Saturday I hung out with my Dad all day for our Father/Daughter Day and had a really great time. So I'd like to think I had some carry-over positive energy from class that fueled my weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The class on Thursday was awesome. It makes a lot of sense that the more comfortable and relaxed you feel, the more likely that you can react and act better. It goes along with the same principle that people usually act totally differently around their good friends and family than people that they have just recently met. Around friends and family, you are totally relaxed and comfortable. Being totally relaxed and comfortable in front of an audience will allow the actor to act differently. Thursday really relaxed me and i felt great for the rest of the day. Just lying there with my eyes closed, i forgot where i was on the floor in the room. That was pretty sweet...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meditation is a pretty powerful tool. In high school we used to use meditation in wrestling. I remember we would do something really similiar to what we did today, and we'd imagine wrestling our opponent. At the end of the meditation my forearms, were cramping, i was sweating up a storm, and my heart was beating faster than it ever has before. I guess it's because our brain doesn't distinguish something we really imagine mentally and something we do physically. Basically, i love doing that meditation stuff, and class was pretty kick ass today.

today's class

Today's class was awesome. The relaxation exercise we did, was a great destressor. Twas something that most of us need once in a while, but in today's fast-paced world we hardly get time to ourselves. So I am glad for the time we spent in class today.
Imagining the place I feel most safe, really made me feel happy. However, the beach part of it caused me some stress though, coz of my own personal thoughts which I could not help dwell on. But I am glad they surfaced, and have now passed on, hopefully to never come back again.


that meditation today was relaxing. jason even fell asleep and i think others did also. it was hard not to fall asleep! it was nice to actually lay down and not think of anything but yourself for 30minutes. it was great because it was a really stressful week so far. i'm so glad the weeks almost over and it will be friday soon! even though i really dont get a break friday, saturday is looking good!

Todays class = D

So yea I'm a couple hours late on my blog for today but I am happy I waited because now I can talk about how amazing today's class was. It was something I'm sure a lot of us needed. A period of relaxation and meditation. That was honestly the best thing that has happened to me this week. Going into that class and just imagining being somewhere with no worries or stress and picturing a place with someone you love, nothing could get better than that and I needed that time to just let my body go and not worry at all. I hope we have more classes like that, it was very helpful for me, and something I enjoyed a lot!!!

Okay Go Eagles... Kick Ferris State's butt


Yes, our class on tuesday was a well needed change of pace I thought too. It was interesting to hear others opinion on parts of the play and roles portrayed by the actors, especially the lead male role. It seemed that for the most part people agreed with the fact that he was not the best man for the job....but it was interesting to hear that some didn't feel the same and thought he wasn't that bad....But yea, it was definitely a welcomed change of pace and I enjoyed being able to analyze the play using my newly acquired phenomanal cosmic powers of play analyzation. Pe@ce out...

Tuesdays class

I liked our class on tuesday because it was good to hear what everyone else thought about the play. It was kind of shoking when everyone agreed that the lead actor wasnt all that great, because i just thought it woul be me but it wasnt apparently. It was a good class but im looking forward to thursday's class because we get to act again. Go tribe
I enjoyed our talk about the play on Tuesday. I thought it was a nice change of pace from our regular things. It also gave us an opportunity to apply our knowledge of what WE have learned to what actual people do when the act.
One day in class, i think it would be neat to learn about all the lighting, curtains, sets, costumes, and all the things that make up a show. I've been behind the scenes of a play, and there is so much that goes on with sound, music, lights and everything. I think it would be cool to learn how they are doing the set for secret garden and stuff. Thats all for me...
i don;t know how i felt about the male lead. I agree that the relationship between to the main leads was very awkward. it reminded me of those people who are in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship and one person is stringing the other along. I hated not doing exercises in class on tuesday. i understand the importance of talking about the show but i don't think we really needed to use the entire hour and 15 minutes i mean we just wrote a paper about it. things are looking up a little bit for me i got a great grade on my history midterm and that really made my week, but i think that is it for me tonight. see ya'll in class!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

what is goin on??

so i was really schocked that we didnt do any exercises on tuesday but talking about the play was good. it was a good change from what we usually do. it was interesting to hear everybodys reaction to the play. i really liked the play and thought it was good. and apparently no one really likes the male lead lol

Things are looking up

well class was really fun even though we didn't do any exercises. I really enjoyed talking about the play. Well in my life anyways life is getting better not as much work this week so I'm happy. The Indians are one game away from the world series and that is just fantastic. My event at the Phi Kappa Psi house is tomorrow and I'm really nervous and excited to be running the event. Right now I'm watching Wall Street and forgot how good a movie is really is. Well i hope class is fun tomorrow and its going to be Thursday one day closer to Friday.

for tuesday

So I was a bit bummed when we didn't do any exercises during class on Tuesday, but having a discussion about the play wasn't bad. I felt terrible for the lead male because apparantly half the class wants his head on a platter. I didn't think he was that bad-he showed some difficulty expressing emotion but he got the lead for a reason. Maybe I'm sticking up for him a bit because throughout high school I've seen some bad acting. BAD. But it's whatever. See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am currently watching the indians game and I am doing this during a commercial. I am going out on a limb for this, so I am going to make this short. Class was great today, I shuold have said more, but everything I thought about the main guy actor was said, and that is that I did not like his performance at all. I felt his transformation to emotions were awful and not nearly as good as the other actors. Ok the game is back on so I gotta go.
It was wonderful to know what other students thought about the play.
I agree that Nick's acting wasnt up to the mark, but then it wasnt a professional play and we are no one to criticize, I feel, coz we ourselves are just beginners. But then again, we can learn frm others mistakes.

My hellish week

I really want to talk about what an aweful week this week will be for me. Normally in football games i'm really good at getting the opponent angry and to do something stupid. This week my acting just wasnt up to par. Everytime i did something cheap and my opponent reacted negatively i would act like it hurt and was really bad but i didnt get a personal foul call. Later in the game i got kicked out for trash talking. Apparently our coaches dont like it when we get kicked out for trash talking because now i'll probably have to do 1000 eagle reminders(eagle reminders suck). So basically this relates back to acting by me getting my ass kicked in practice.
Hey I finally got my blogger account fixed so I'm in WRDL doing the Julian show with Max Julian and figured Id say whats cracken?! I think this class has gotten so much more fun lately because were allowed to be creative and interact with each other. Well I guess I'll see you all on thursday. Carbone I just wanted to invite you to join my new gang. The 23rd blood gang of the 44805

the play

when i went to see the play i thought it was good. i really enjoyed the play overall. the discussion today in class though was interesting just because i got to find out others opinions on the play. when i saw the play, which was the dress rehearsal day, i didnt even notice anything wrong with the guy main character, because i just thought he was normal and playing his part. he did seem young though, and maybe thats why the people in my class decided they didnt like him much.


I believe last class on Thursday was the most fun class I have had here at Ashland. Everyone was hilarious and the activities were so much fun to act out. When we had to be trapped in some object, I enjoyed this greatly. I was laughing so hard that I was almost crying. Just saying, I believe Thursdays class was the reason Cleveland teams did so amazing this weekend, especially the Indians. OHHH I know that one went straight to the heart of Mr. Fabio. Well I am looking forward to todays class.


Thought about that for a liscense plate. Anyway, I had an opertunity this weekend to actually apply class lessons in real life. I was on a photo shoot and I wanted my model to pose a certain way and she just wasn't getting it. She was supposed to be holding something (which I didn't have and would add in later) and admiring it. Because of class and our work without objects I was able to get her to understand what I wanted and the shots came out great!

= D

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I sure did. I went and saw the play Sunday afternoon. It was pretty good. Made me laugh a few times! I didn't understand the one part where Isabel came out but thats allright I guess. I didnt think that really fit in there. I think the play did a good job of expressing emotions and personality without props. And because that is what we do in class most of the time, I appreciated the play in that sense. It is really hard to do that sometimes, but it can be done and it is effective when its done well.
so i got to act again tonight. so my friends melanie and donnie have fun taking the sugar packets in convo and putting them in stacey's purse. so one night at dinner we decide that were are going to take as many sugar packets as we can and sugar stacey's room. so she calls me tonight and she says well im gonna go downstairs and get my pizza and then do a round if you want to come over and i said i would think about it. so of course i sprint to the 3rd floor of amstutz and unleash the sugar packet fury on her room and run back downstairs and outside and wait for her to call me. so she calls me and i say hey give me a call when your back in your room and she says like you haven't been here already and i was like no im just leaving the TKE house. shes like you're such a liar and i was like what's going on and she says you sugar packeted my room and i was like someone sugared your room oh my gosh ill be right there. so i run back inside and up the stairs and as soon as i see here room i fall to the ground laughing hysterically and panting and i convinced her it wasn't me. so i had her going and she really believed that it was mel and donnie but i ended up telling her at the end before i left. I HAD TO GET SOME PIZZA!

A few things2

the play was hilarious, but i just wrote a paper about it so I'm not going to say anything else on here. Homecoming weekend was a blast. Our fraternity alumni came back and we were at the bars from 8-2am and I didn't have to pay for a single beer. It was a lot of fun listening to all their stories from 10 to 30 years ago about the fraternity.
Saturday we went to Findly to drop of money we raised for this girl what has an incurable genetic disease. We got to meet her and everything. It was very....special?

Monday, October 15, 2007

the play was very good in my opinion. i thought it was funny and i was impressed by their ability to use imaginary props. I learned alot from the actors and i hope to be able to take what i learned and apply it to our class exercises. The play was very good in my opinion. i thought it was funny and i was impressed by their ability to use imaginary props. i learned alot from the actors and i hope to be able to take what i learned and apply it to our class exercises.

not a so great weekend

so this weekend was bad and good, on the one hand it was real crappy and on the other good because i got to see some of my fraternities alumni. The browns won so that is a good thing even though it was against my favorite team the dolphins. But the browns are my second choice so in a way it was OK i guess. The Indians are playing right now and winning 2 nothing. Other than that nothing really to say. Oh the play was really good i enjoyed it.
Another day, another blog for this ol' dog. I finished up my paper before the weekend so that made me happy, it was nice not to have to worry about that paper over the weekend, this isnt going to be a long blog but I just wanted to ask everyone how there weekend was? Hope everyone had as an eventful one as I did.....but I cant wait to see your all's shining faces in class tommorrow and hopefully we do press conference again or at least let Julian be stuck in something so he can let us know he can't get out...
Class is really getting enjoyable. I really like how we are acting out scenes and scenarios. It seems that everyone in the class is having a really good time. I especially enjoyed the press conference part. I think that would be fun to do for the entire class time. It would really teach how to think on your feet. I saw the play and i thought it was good. I can see now why it was so important for us to learn how to interact with objects that were not there. The people in the play were pretty good at it. I did see a few slip-ups but it was not enough for me to lose attention. Also, the scene where they were at the baseball game, i could see how they were actually watching the game, not trying to show that they were at the game. It was a fun show...


I love improv. It's so much fun to do. It's like being on that one show whos line is it anyway. I just like being able to act right off the tob of my head. I think that that would be funner than using a script because with a script you arent able to be creative.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

o man

Class was really exciting on thursday. the pairing up and one person not knowing whats going on is neat. everyone is getting better and reacting with eachother. and the trapped excerscise was cool too especially max

saw the play

I saw the play on Thursday, and I really don't have any complaints. That's going besides the fact that I had a really good seat and didn't have to pay for my ticket because I was an usher (so I got service hours out of it for my sorority, too). But anyway I really did like it. I kept wondering when the couple was going to catch their break and thought that with every call the adoption process would work out for them. But then it made the ending that much better because when the situation was finally fixed, it was a twist in the plot. And of course Max was just great in it. One last thing: everyone should sign up to play cornhole in the ADPi tournament! It'll be fun, there's food & prizes and the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Todays class was wonderful, i especially enjoyed when we had to pair up and perform as though we were trapped by something. The best was the "twin situation", twas so damn funny.


today was amazing in class. i loved the activity that we did, and may i say that i think we most definably had the best one of the class! we had a really sweet one, and i think dave is still confused. anyhow, the play was good that i saw last night, i hope everyone enjoys it! it is long, and its surely long, but its interesting. let me know what you guys think!
I thought today how totally amazing everyone is. I still remember our first few classes and how no one wanted to "go first," now lots of folks are jumping at the chance. Its interesting to consider how much we have all gotten better since that begining.
I think that the class is getting very interesting now...Before, we couldn't make any noises, then in excercises we could talk and now I really feel like we are begining to "act". It really is cool the different things we learned for instance not playing to your audience so they understand what you are doing, but doing the activity and through that your audience will be enlightened as to what you are doing. But the classes are getting more complex and much more realistic, at least too me. Im kind of nervous about doing the whole tangled up thing later today but hopefully I'll do alright....But that is all I got today, pe@ce out A-town...

Expecting Isabell

I went to see the play "Expecting Isabell" yesterday and i was very pleased with the actors performances. They were mostly all believable in their actions without using props, and the characters that they played. I was entertained throughout the play, and laughed many times. I see now how much of an impact poor acting would have on a real play, especially one without props. The excercises we do in class are exactly the types of things that were demonstrated in the play. The actors were very good at making you believe that there were real props on stage.

thinking about acting

I really think i want to go out for that play. I've never been in a play before but it's always been something i want to try. Now that i was in this class we had an open invitation to try out for this play and i'm really pumped to give it a go. Basically this class is sweet.

Hell week is over for me

Well I had two of my lesson plans this week. One I had to teach with just my cooperating teacher and the other with my supervisor. Both of them went pretty well. I didnt have very many complaints from my supervisor but I didn't do great either. I am jus tso relieved that they are over because I think I have like anxiety from it and I get really nausious and sick when I get nervous and I was def. feeling that way Monday and Wed. when I had to teach my lessons. I am just glad that its over. This semester has been hell for me, but after next week we will be half way done. thank gosh...

late nights keep us up and the morning comes to fast

So I'm up again real late typing in the computer lab a trend that i have been doing for the past two weeks. I mean we are college students we stay up late but lately its been getting to me in the morning. I mean not even coffee is waking me up anymore i just need to catch up on my sleep for once. On the good side of things i did new keys made for my car three new sets. So now i can't lose all of them at once. Its my own fault i lost them i just have this underlying fear that safety services found them and just isn't contacting me because well there safety services. So i am looking forward to class tomorrow and i will be at the play this Friday. I heard so far its very good and i can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This week and the past has been hell for me. The only thing that I have liked about the past two weeks is when we play wizbang. That is such a great game. I am going to start playing this activity at party's. I think it would be interesting to try and teach this wonderful game to a bunch of drunk people and watch them attempt to play. That is just a thought that I had in the course of me getting to this blogsite. On the other hand, I believe the play, Expecting Isabel, was very well done. It had some really funny parts that mad me laugh so hard that I almost cried, that should tell you something about the play. The paper that we have to write about the play should be pretty easy based on the content of the play. There is plenty to write about, because the actors did an amazing job.
so i have realized in the past couple of days, since fabio asked us to relate our blogs back to acting, that i really act a lot around my friends but not in a bad way. Whenever i have lunch with my friends mel and stacey sometimes they will do something and i will pretend to get upset about it even though im not and its a lot of fun and we all do it and i just think it is really humorous. other than that i am going to see expecting isabel tomorrow and i just hope its not too long. i can watch a musical but i have a hard time with plays some times so i guess we will see.


i really do love playing whizbang, even tho at first it was so hard, know though i think we all have the hang of it, and i would like to thank carbone for the A-ROD when off a curveball. That was pretty funny. The eating excercise was a little tougher because you had to make sure you concentrated on chewing rather than talking all the time, and that was harder, and the entangling excercise was funny to see how everyone would react to diferent things.
I enjoyed yesterday's class a lot. It was fun, acting without props, and concentrating on eating and conversing at the same time was difficult.
I also had a good laugh when the prof was making fun of Anthony.. no hard-feelings oki..
btw, I was wondering, why is Carbone called Carbone??

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today's class was fun, but it was kind of a struggle for me. I knew right away the first exercise would be a struggle because when we were talking about what our group would do, I was supposed to be married to Carbone and I'm pretty sure Dave's now the designated gay kid (sorry, Dave :( ) Then once we actually got onstage, I knew we were kind of off the goal of the assignment and more focused on the conversation which was tough on its own because I couldn't keep from laughing. There's definitely something to be said about the difference between on-the-spot improv and an actual script to go off of.

again in class...

again in class we did the swoosh game. it was cool, but it gets old after awhile. i like the listening game better. i did enjoy the eating with a group on stage though, it reminds me of convo and people eating at convo. it was a good day.
I am a very fortunate soul to work at the job that I have here on campus. I work in the admission's office here at AU and other than the fact that I am allowed to get a lot of my schoolwork done while working with hott babes, I also get to work with a very diversified group of people. On Tuesday and Thursday I work with a very fun and gorgeous group of woman whom I have a lot of fun said girl is really sweet and all she does is look at wedding magazines, talk about wedding stuff, plan out her wedding, look at wedding rings, and I can go on and on.....But I'm not berating her or coming on here to complain about her interests. I just wanted to say that it is very nice and almost encouraging to see young people in this day and age so in love....I will say it is somewhat depressing for myself, especially now that I am right in that age range where EVERYBODY I know is getting married....I can't complain too much though because I really think I have cut myself off relationship wise just because I know I won't be around this area once I graduate and why not save the pain for a breakup and just not worry about a g.f. or anything right now....Actually, I am quite content with my PS2 and my fishing gear, plus I have no money anyways!


So I went to see the opening of Expecting Isabel Saturday night. It was quite an experience. Now I understand the no props thing. There was so many scene changes that props in that small of a theater would have been impossible. I thought the acting was very good, but the jury is still out on whether I liked it being done without props.

I made the presumption that the actors would be doing a MUCH better job of it than we do in class, but they were only slightly better. I guess that goes to show just how incredibly difficult acting with nothing really is.

I comend all of them for a job well done!

Class this week

Wel this week in class im hopeing that we can eventually be able to talk while acting. Perhaps even be able to throw our hands up in the air and say yea. Perhaps as a popular quaterback walks by. I was really looking forward to talking more during our acting procedures because than I owuld really feel like we're improving with what we are doing. Plus i cant wait to see anthony. I always liked the circus as a child and he takes me back to the simpler times in life.

best weekend ever

The Indians are going to the ALCS. My flag football team won our first tournament game. I won my fantasy football game this weekend. The Ohio State Buckeyes and Tennessee Titans also won. I feel like a winner.

Monday, October 8, 2007

indians win and i lost my keys for my car again bad week

So i just got new keys made for my car which has been sitting in fraternity circle parking lot since monday. But today i got three new keys made and i left two in my car and left one set with me because i had tennis practice. And on the way back to my car i dropped my new key and can't get in to my car to use my spares so heres to me and a stupid move again. I need a big janitor key ring to keep everything on. On a good note though the indians won and are going to face boston. Go Indians.

I did some great acting this weekend

Sp let me tell you guys about the hell that i like to call WORKING CEDAR POINT HALLOWEEKENDS! so for my fraternity we go and we work friday through sunday at cedar point for one weekend to raise money to help pay for our random finances for the year like insurance, etc. So friday we get there around 5 and have to be in the park at 6 to go meet with our leader and find out what we are doing. so we find out we are working Werewolf Canyon which is like a walk through haunted house. so we work that from 8-12 the first day. now 7 of our guys got to work a different haunted house and that was there job for the weekend. they got to work there from 2pm-12am each day except saturday we were done at 10. so the rest of us got screwed. half of us had to work traffic and they had to be at the park at 9am and they didn't get a break for 3 hours straight! i got to work admissions and be a ticket taker which wasn't as bad but we didn't really get anything more than an hour break during and another before we hade to report to werewolf canyon. so saturday was a 10am-12am day. then at least on sunday we worked from 845am-1pm and got to ride rides till we had to be at the canyon at 6pm and there was a crap load of people and i didn't even get to ride the maverick. but acting like a scary ass werewolf was a lot of fun. i made some kids cry which i did feel bad and scaring people was fun but driving home after working all weekend at 10pm was not fun at all. and i am sore and i have lost my voice so im glad it is over. I heard that the Phi Psi's are going soon so i just have to say have fun guys.

p.s. the housing place we were in was terrible it ranked pretty close to kilhefner and amstutz except we had air conditioners, which mine was broken if you guys get 1383, and we had to share rooms of three sooooooo yeah.


I thought class on thursday was very fun. It is hard to act out what job you have without really showing what it is. You have to be very careful not to act like your a certain job at a bus stop or people will know your acting. hopefully we will all be able to figure this out in the next few weeks


I think our acting exercise we did on Thursday was good, I think we are all improving and beginning to understand the whole "reacting" instead of acting concept. If I am seem unusually hyper or umm I can't stop smiling its because I can't stop smiling, cuz I'm extremely happy right now haha. Just a heads up. Okay see ya tomorrow

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Urgent: Blogging

Hello All,

The blogging is beginning to stray. I don't mind if you write about random things, like fishing, the Browns or recruitment, but from now on you have to tie it back to acting, theatre, something related to the subject of class.

Have a great weekend.

It's good to be a PATS fan.


Friday, October 5, 2007

awesome week

Right, so my week has been pretty sweet. I aced my bio test, led a good lecture today (I think), and I got paid today. I'm going white water rafting tomorrow, catching a soccer game on Sunday and I'm going to C-bus on Monday to see my brother (actually, it's to pick up some cornhole bags, but he has them). I've got no tests, papers or projects due next week but I'm going to see the play on Thursday with my little. AND (this is big) I asked Ryan Sheckler to be my friend on Facebook because I love that show and I'm pretty sure we're destined to be BFF.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


so finding stuff to write that paper was real hard. hard to find stuff. but i did it anyhow. saw the play last night. it was pretty good. long though. the actors are good, and there are no props, which was kind of interesting, because i never seen a play like that. well actually i never did really ever see a play, especially one that was in a small theater! but it was cool! hope everyone enjoys it!

A few more things

Yeah, there wasn't any information on that lady. I couldn't get a whold page without pullin crap out of my butt. I am pretty pumped to go see Expecting Isabel. I have a buddy who is in it so I'm double obligated to go see it. I went home last night, saw my Dad's soccer team play, and lose. At least they are better than AU's mens soccer team and they are D-III. My Dad coaches, he doesn't play.

Take it easy

This week!!!

This has been a great week for me up until tonight. I have had very few classes and only a couple homework assignments. That is always delightful. Tonight was not so much of a goodnight, and that is because my serpintine belt on my car fell off on my way to Wendy's. Alls I wanted was a couple bacon cheeseburgers and I couldn't even have that. So, needless to say I was a bit upset when I realized I had to return to my dorm with no Wendy's, and worst of all I now have to fix my car tomorrow so I can go to the indians game on Friday!!

Class this week

Im not going to lie. This has been the best week of classes by far this year. Going into thursday I will have gone to a total of 3 classes. If I include tommorow it will be 4 and if I include this friday it will be 5. 5 total classes all week long. How much better can it get you ask. Well Ill tell you. It can only get better if in someway I ate pumpkin ice cream everyday. But thats the only way. But im out homies. Peace out Represent.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This assignment is terrible

So im glad class was canceled on Tuesday because i had a lot of work the i needed to get done so i decided that since this paper was added to my long list of things to do that i would get it out of the way. so i go into and i do a search and i try 3 different types of searches and couldn't find anything so i decide to go to and umm yeah i still couldn't find anything. i'm not trying to knock Fabio down because he is a great educator and i really enjoy this class but i feel that this assignment was just an off the cuff kind of thing. i don't think that he looked into the amount of information available on lisa loomer and i am having a difficult time writing this assignment so. thats how i feel.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

no class today!

since there was no class today i decided that i would sleep in, but i ended up waking up @ 10 and not being able to go back alseep! so i got up and went to patterson, typed up that paper. it was harder than i thought because it was hard to find information on that lady, lisa. but i did it, and it was hard. then i went shopping in mansfield and bought a purse, so it was fun. it was a good day. and i only had one class!

Sand Volleyball

Today I played sand volleyball behind the rec center, and let me tell you, it was alot of fun. Even if you are really unathletic or hate volleyball, I suggest playing at least once. And if you do want to, you had better hurry, there is not going to be many more nice days like today. And the Indians play on Thursday, I'm pretty excited. Everyone should root them on against the Yankees.
hey wish we had class today.. i really love this class and the stuff we do in it.. plz dnt cancel it again..

dear mitch...

I know this is slightly off-base, but I thought it was really funny. Mitch: the reason Sarah really wanted you to post was so she could find out if you were going to write about your amazing Saturday night and the magical events that unfolded (referring to dinner and a movie). AKA, your anniversary. She is disapointed. But go Cleveland (PS: don't kill the messenger and Sarah wants me to add that she would like to live, aswell). On another note-I'm kind of bummed class was cancelled because Thursday was awesome. But I'm pretty pumped I can sleep in til whenev tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Here we go Brownies, here we go...

I believe this was one of the best weekends for clevland fans. The Indians did amazing along with the Browns kickin some Baltimore ass. The weather was gratifying along with all the great things that happened in the great city of Cleveland. I am going to the second playoff game of the Indians on this friday. I can not wait until that game.


Well I would like to write my blog about the Browns game yesterday. They put themselves second in the division ahead of the bungals and the former Cleveland Browns. I still consider the Pittsburgh game a fluke because Charlie Frye was the quarterback. Once Derek Anderson was put in, it seemed like the team became a completely different team. Im excited to watch them play New England this week and end their winning streak.

Class Cancelled! Tuesday, October 2 - PROJECT ASSIGNED

Hello Students, I will be off-campus tomorrow, October 2 in order to work on a lastminute project. (I will tell you all about it when I see you onWednesday.)In lieu of class, I am giving you an assignment. It is due thisWednesday, October 4. It should not take you more than an hour to anhour and a half to complete.Assignment: In prepreparationr viewing the Ashland University Theatreproduction of EXPECTING ISABEL, I would like each of you to use theinternet to research and write a 1 to 2 page paper on Lisa Loomer (theplaywright) and what charccharacterisesork. Again you are to hand-in this assignment on Wednesday, October 4 at ourregularly scheduled time.

finally a week that i can just realx through

Last week for me at least was hell, i had two papers due and two tests as well. I just was swamped with work and it really sucked. I had no spare time all the time was spent typing or going over terms, and thinking about how i was going to answer various essays. But this week i don't have that much in the way of major homework. I mean i still have the normal work but nothing around that neighborhood of work. So Sunday rocked the Browns won but my other team the Dolphins dropped to o-4 but i still behind them all the way. Soon midterms will be upon us and more studying for now at least its a slow week.


So this weekend i discoverd just how much i love football. Its amazing how the browns can go from one week looking like the worst team ever, but then the next week look amazing. I really do love watching the browns win they win or lose. And i cant wait to go to a browns game.