Friday, November 30, 2007

Class was fun yesterday. It was great seeing the others perform, and learning important tips from Prof Polanco for our finals.
So finally, I did meet up yesterday with AJ, and we talked about our charcters and what we wanted to portray, so now its to rehersing.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's The Final Countdown!

Fabio, I think it's great that you are giving us this much help for the final, and with such an opinion I am dissatisfied with my own preparation--but no worries! Joshua and I shall rise and prevail. Honestly though, you could see so much improvement within the groups that went today pre-Fabio help and post-Fabio help. I think the idea that there is a verb behind each line is a great concept. Also--doing the guessing game was a fun activity as well. Crazy that next week is our last, huh? Kinda sad, kinda spooky, kind of...kinky? You decide.


so the final. i think its good working on it today in class because it shows us what we are doing wrong/right it is also constructive critizism. well i've got a ton of work to do. anyone understand hamlet? well i gotta write that paper! :)
good luck on finals!

Stuff on the Final

I thought in class today it was nice to watch the groups that went do thier skits because it helped me get ideas for our skit. What to do, how to deliver the aciton on each line. Also i thought dane and kelsy did a great job today in class. What a skit lol
I also missed writing for the last class. Tuesday i impressed myself with my improving skills double whiz-bang. When the double game started, i was really apprehensive and overwhelmed by the intensity of the game. The more we play the better i get at it. The last two classes i was in the final 5-6 people, and a few times i was one of the very last people playing. It is awesome
Today was really informative. Once i performed my scene and got a lot of feedback, i feel very confident. I do feel as if i am taking too much control over the scene and i need to talk more with megan to get her views on the project. For those of you who have not done you scene yet, do a little bit of practicing to make sure that everybody is on the same page with the story line. I am really looking forward to the final performance.


I forgot to post for todays class so this post will cover for both, too bad I won't get credit for the one I missed though. When we first got our scenes I thought to myself, how are we going to be able to make a scene out of seeven lines. But, after listening to Fabio talk about the groups that had to present, I relalized that we can make every line mean so much, even to the point where we are presenting a small play almost. This is because we have a story and a reason behind each line that we say. It was interesting to watch the girls today and how their scene kept on developing because Fabio was able to keeping adding to the lines. Not to the story, but to the meaning of each line, like how and why she is saying it.
Class on Tuesday I thought was very hard because so many of the ways we act can be so much like different times of the day unless its really extreme, like 3 am or 6 am or whatever the case may be. Right now though I'm lookin forward to the final and to todays class, peace out suckas!

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

I definitely agree that this time exercise was a lot more difficult then I thought at first. I guess it is a testament to how different human beings are as creatures that made it so hard to act out something that is a universal behavior at a given time period. I did think it was interesting though that the easiest ones seemed to be around the time people normally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But yea, it was a fun little exercise and definitely expanded my little brain into a realm which it hasn't delved into in a long time....a long time.

Time of Day

I learned something new from Tuesday class that I think helped me understand acting a little better. When I was doing the "time of day" exercise and I reacted to the situation as the way I would instead of how others would in order to get across the time of day it made me realize that i need to look at things in many different perspectives before actually deciding what to do when I am acting. It makes sense to do things from my own perspective because thats all I know but when I did that it made it difficult for the anyone to know what I time it was. That class taught me to put myself in the average persons shoes and react to situations from that.
Well I just got done watching one of the greatest movies ever made... The Marine starring John Cena. I think it would be really cool if we learned how to do stunts in class. Maybe I'll do some in my final.
I enjoyed Tuesday's class because I never realized how difficult it would be to show what time of day it was. I didn't really know what to do so I was just trying to be as real as possible, Grand Canyon and all. But really I'm also looking forward to practicing my skit. I'm trying to memorize lines and trying to be as real as possible and it's going alright.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

these last few weeks have gone by fast.. the semester is almost over and it seems like we just got back to school a few weeks ago. The end of the semester is going to be tough, but practicing our final is going to be fun. After this semester its going to be hard not having this class anymore. Its a relief every morning after statistics to come to this class.


I thought class on tuesday was very helpful for me to understand more of our final. When i had to go outside and come back in with chris within two lines you could tell there was more of a story there. So i think the final will be good in showing a story in such short lines. I am looking foward to it. And Carbone if you read this you betta GET OUT THE PAINT when we have the big man game!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Dave and I were talking about our scene (during our night class, but whatev) and I'm kind of excited to get into it. The thought of creating a whole history between 2 people with just 10 lines or whatever is kind of cool. And like I look forward to class, I'm looking forward to this final. It's my last one, and not to say it'll be easy (because I know it won't) but it's a different type of preparation that'll mellow me out from the rest of finals week.
Class was fun today, it was a lil difficult initially to come up with ideas. Moreover, the varied ideas I had were enacted by three people before I finally went up, so I had to keep changing the time. Whew !!

Anyway, am looking forward to the finals, dunno how am gonna go about seducing AJ :))
And moreover, I have to write reams of paper to be able to seduce him well. What a world !!


the final seems hard. mitch and i got together today to work on it and we couldnt figure out number 6. oh well i guess we'll find out on thursday. everyone did a good job today presenting. hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! :)


the thanksgiving break was very nice. It was nice just to get away from school for a while. I agree with carbone that it seems we have a lot of papers to type up and it seem weird that we would need to. I guess i just dont think about typing up papers for the final scene, but it will help us make our skit better

Final Project

I just want everyone to agree with me how this final project seems like it's a lot of work. A lot of papers are needed to be typed up for this. Way too many papers. Had a sweet break, i've gotta go get an omlet...STAY OUT THA PAINT

Break was nice

Hmmm, break was both pleasant and painful for me. Painful in that I had a ton of work to do most of it was catching up stuff but the ham and turkey were great! My son came home but did stick around much and I found out he has a 1.2 average for the quarter. What a bummer.

The final skit is going to be fun, even if it require a lot of pre-work to do it. I am reminded of something my former boss told me though.... Remember the 7 P's:


See you all this morning.

Final Project

I have come up with some ideas as to what I want to do for my final project. I really like what I've come up with and I haven't really even looked over it to much. I look forward to going through it tomorrow because I want to be able to get a good grasp of how it will go.

Monday, November 26, 2007

tuesday's class

I honestly can't really remember what we did in class on Tuesday....meetings? It's tricky trying to map out a scene without consulting your partners first and having it work out as the scene happens. Luckily we can figure things out with our partners ahead of time for our final (which, by the way, if it was a contest-Dave and I would be all over #1)

thanksgiving break

was not long enough...and as usual i got to do my usual acting of no i really do enjoy your company with some of my family members :D don't get me wrong im thankful that i have my family cause there are kids out there who have nobody, but there are some people in my family, mainly on my mom's side, that don't rub me the right way, my mom's brother and his wife especially. they moved across the state and kind of disappeared for a while and then they come back and wanda accuses me of looking down my cousin's shirt. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!! that was like 3 or 4 Christmas' ago and then they kind of disowned me. I can see my aunt trying to make an effort but its really pathetic and i don't really want to talk to any of them so i just screw on my little smile and act politely towards them until i am out the door. there is just so much going on and im ready for this semester to be OVER.

Turkey Break

Well turkey break went way too fast... I didn't do any hmwk at all over break and now I'm paying for it.

I think our final is going to be a lot harder than I first thought. After the first group did their run through on Tuesday and Fabio had all those suggestions there is alot more thinking that goes into it than I had first thought.

I thought the Star Wars thing was kinda confusing but funny... sorry had to say it : )


I am utterly shocked that Fabio do not like our Star Wars skit featuring Darth Hale. The improv force grip by Max Julian and myself was outstanding.

I'm kidding, I know that we didn't do what we were supposed to do at all. But the dialogue was great.
I am also glad that Behrooz and I were the guinea pigs of the final project. Now we have a step up on all the other groups. So, thank you Fabio for choosing us.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


i just realized that i love thanksgiving a lot, and in class on tuesday i think in watching the group that went will be helpful in showing the groups what we all need to think about. There is a lot we have to consider, so i am lookig forward to the final


thanksgiving break

last day of school and we had class before break. couldnt wait until the class was over because that ment I was done for the day! :)
anyhow.. im looking forward to the final. it seems hard but i know we will all make it through.

happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I saw part of that Brady Quinn commercial. I missed the beginning and I think I may have missed Fabio. I've been looking for it all night and I can't find it. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Am looking forward to the finals. But don't like the idea of dissecting our character and place utilization. Wish we didnt have the paper.

Anyways, have a wonderful Thanksgiving all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am excited about the final. There is a lot more to think about than i thought there would be. I think i have a pretty good idea who my character is and his relationship to the other character. I do not think it is going to be hard for others to figure out our relationship either. There is a good bit of drama in the relationship and it should be good. I have a weird feeling that a lot of people are going to be very serious characters in the final. I do not believe that there is going to by much comedy. With these lines that we have, i feel like it would be hard to make it humorous. good luck to everyone
So i have to make this quick so I can make it to class....But I am excited for the final. I think it is going to be alot of fun and will give us an opportunity to incorporate all the different skills we have learned in the class to a skit we get to perform in front of everyone!
I must disagree with the common opinion about the play last week. I thought it was well performed by the actors, and the songs were pretty good too. Most people disliked the play for different reasons but I thought it was good and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed by the actors and I thought that with the budget that the theater department had, the set was good.
im kinda nervous about this final because i have to agree with AJ this is all quite sudden. i mean the only thing we did all year was pretend that we were dealing with objects and reacting to other people, places, or things and now out of nowhere we have to write 2 page bios of our characters describing our life story only with the detail that affects the scene and is has to go along with the relation of our partners character. I also feel like my scene limits me because one of my lines is "ok i'm going to continue with my washing now" so i don't really have the freedom of being anywhere because i could be doing laundry or taking a shower or whatever. hopefully me and Jason can pull it off.

I love Backstreet Boys

There is one thing that I really like about our final project and that is the freedom to make everything up except the lines. Its going to be really hard, and i'm not expecting us to be able to do this, but to be able to describe everything that has led to this scene without tell the audience. Such as where we are coming from. What our relationship is to this person. All that stuff is going to be very difficult to convey. I aslo can't wait for break. We all go for so long without any break, people should respect the hell out of us.
Ok well I totally messed up that last attempt to writting a blog so here is my real one. Class on Thursday went well when talking about the musical and all. Since we didnt really do anything pertaining to acting that class, I am going to talk about the Browns and what an amazing win they had this weekend. I about pissed my pants when they actually one a game and had the right calls made for them, it was almost a miracle. I am also very excited for this break that we have coming up for the good old gobble day. It is such a great time of the year to have a break and spend some time with the fam. Well my time is done here and I will see everyone in class later today...


Monday, November 19, 2007

Well I thought that our Thursday class went well. Nothing like basking a play to get everyone's spirit's up. I'm looking forward to rehearsing our play scenes in class hopefully tommorow. But I'm way more excited about Thanksgiving Break. I've probably been ready for it since Halloween.

P.s. Go Browns Amazing win
Last Thursday in class we witnessed a spectacular bash session of The Secret Garden...All things aside I thought it was pretty good. I think I could have done it, however I would have requested to have an entrance coming from a church and an exit headed for a brothel. I think it would have really enhanced the experience. As Megan noted, the Browns game was absolutely nuts! I felt happy, sad, confused, aroused, hungry, embarrassed, and startled all bundled up into one!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


After our discussion of The Secret Garden, I think I've decided that should I ever be in any production, I'm not going to invite AJ to watch it; he'll rip it to shreds. And Dave Stuck won't be allowed to come if one of my children is in a play-he's just mean. On a different note, ADPi semi formal was on Saturday and was a lot of fun, and despite me being insanely tired, I'm watching the Brown's game right now, and I must say: that was some crazy field goal action at the end of the 4th.

THe Secret Garden Discussion

I def liked hearing everyone's opinions about the play. The discussion actually helped me understand the play a lil more and I found out the meaning of some things I didn't know before. I def. didnt have a complete understanding the play but now its a lil clearer. I hope everyone has a delicious turkey break :) I can't wait to eat food yay

Friday, November 16, 2007

I liked hearing everyone's opinions on the play. I personally really liked it. There were a lot more negative comments about the play than i thought there would be. I enjoyed this play much more than "Into the Woods." Also, i think that each night had a different reaction to it. The night i went, the play went by really smoothly and everybody did a great job. Other nights may have not been as good. I know the first night there were problems with the lighting and a few of the other nights there were different actors. I guess that is something that you have to deal with when you are involved in a big production like this one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I liked listening to everyone's opinions about the play today. However, I feel if they had read the novel before seeing the play, they would have had a clearer picture as to what was going on.
I enjoyed the play, and felt it was good in the sense that it wasnt supposed to be a professional set-up.

class today

Today in class we talked about the play. i didnt enjoy the play because there was too much singing. i agreed with AJ with most of the stuff he said. otherwise i really enjoyed the first play much better than this. the final seems hard, but i hope we can make it through it! :)
Yes I agree, the snow this morning is awesome! Tuesday was kind of nice because we didn't have class but at the same time I missed not having class because it is usually so fun. The final should be a good time, I really want to do a Star Wars theme but I'm afraid the professor will get pissed off and we will get a bad grade even though it would be serious and we wouldn't be playing to the crowd...But that is about all I have today...Hope the snow start to catch on the ground, love the snow...


okay i was just super excited that it is snowing right now. Its kinda like really wet snow but its still sweet. So yea I'm excited about the final, it should be fun to make up our own who what where and see where it takes us and how different it is than the other group that has the same lines. I'm kinda sad we didn't have class Tuesday, this is actually a class I look forward to just because its so much fun. But I did get to sleep in so I guess that was worth it. : )


I'm not going to lie, tuesday was probably the best day I've had all semester long. Because of the convocation I didnt have any class. I was able to get a lot of stuff done and not have to worry about being at class at a specific time. It's good to have a day off like that during the week because sometimes the weekends get real busy and they dont always seem like weekends. Hopefully it will happen again very soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

no class

i did not mind that we did not have class on tuesday it was nice to get to take a nap for once. about the play i thought it was ok but i was confused, i am sure we will talk about it in class tommorow, and i just finished my paper at about 9:30 so i am glad that is done as well

no class

so no class today.. it was a really nice break from classes since that convocation happened.. thank goodness... i only had one class today which was really nice.
the play i didn't like it. i thought it pretty sucked because i was bored out of my mind and i didnt understand it...
oh well, we'll discuss it in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Class

Even though I love going to this acting class and it is the class I have the most fun in, I thoughly enjoyed the day off today. It was a well needed break from the everyday classes. I had the opportunity to catch up on some work tha t I needed to get down and to start on the paper that is due on Thursday in this class. I will let you know about how I felt about the play in the paper that way I dont have to write it down twice.

Dead Man Walking

I went for the screening of "Dead Man Walking" today at Bixler, and just couldn't keep my emotions under control. Its a powerful movie, and I guess if some of you plan to audition for it, you must go watch it, if you haven't already.
They will have two screenings tomorrow, one at 3pm and the other at 7pm, both at Bixler 108, the ACN (Ashland Community for Non-violence) office.

Monday, November 12, 2007

i can't believe it's 11 already

I have a stupid paper to write and I'm not done reading the f-ing book. Crap. Anyway-I saw the play Saturday night, and although it wasn't one of my faves, I definitely think the cast was really talented. It's kind of cool to contrast the difference in acting between dramas and musicals. Personally, I like plays better because they're easier to relate to. And I wasn't as good at musicals. So that's my piece for the week.

The play was different

So i saw the play Thursday night, and it was OK but, not what i expected. I saw it when there was a change in the characters, because one happened to get sick. The replacement did a good job under the circumstances. The story line was weird at first because it just immersed you into the storyline without explaining it fully. SO i enjoyed it, but i liked the other play better. Other than that the weekend was good. I went to the AP semi-formal which was alot of fun. But it was also another long night. The Browns lost and that made me mad, they are still better than the Steelers. Check Spelling

no class but I'm still blogging

Okay so i didnt know if I was supposed to blog even though we didn't have class but I am going to anyways. I went and saw the play Friday. It was hard to understand what the story line was at first just because the beginning of the play was mostly singing and my seat was pretty far back away from the stage so it was hard to understand what they were singing about. Other than that I really enjoyed the play and once I understood what it was about, I liked it even more. I thought it was more interesting than the first play I went to.

no class

i am pretty excited that we dont have class on tuesday, because it will give me time to write my paper thats due on thursday. they play was confusing to me at first but then it stratightened out a little. i just wish there would have been them running through doors like carbone and bray, thats funny and they did such a good job

Saturday, November 10, 2007


My personal favorite door scene was when Carbone ran up to the automatic door. That was awesome and very well played. It was like a comedic pause in a very serious moment, however, it was not like he was trying to be funny because that was really what he would have done. Good job Carbone.

I'm really pumped about our final scene because they will be so short and it is going to be very difficult to be able to convey who, what, where and why in that short of time. It will be a great challenge.

Friday, November 9, 2007


i think the final will be a fun time for all of us. Even tho it is short we have to really focus on whats going on, and it will be interesting to see what everyone does, and i agree with carbone they will be a force to be reckoned with, GET OUT THE PAINT BABY!!
I loved the door excercise. It was so challenging, which made it great. I love this class and i'm pretty pumped for our finals. I'm not trying to brag but we all know that me and stucky's final will be a force to be reckonned with, so what i'm trying to say is STAY OUT THE PAINT!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I always used to be happy whenever classes got cancelled due to the convocation thingie. But now that our Theater class is cancelled coz of it, I feel really sad.
It is the one fun class I have, and really look forward to.
I am looking forward to our final. I think it will be a good time for everyone to display all their skills that we have learned thus far. We have some good ideas for our situation and Meg and i are gonna whoop some be-hind...
that entering and exiting is hard...
but it was fun... it got old after awhile though...
also im pretty stoked about the final!
mitch and i will be sweet! :)


the blog is not letting me post i hope this works, and the excercise were really hard on tuesday

Entrance and Exit

This activity was pretty tough I thought...It is hard thinking of a scene where you are coming from somewhere and then exiting through a completely different place...Not only is that hard but it is just as hard to create a scene and portray it in a way that the audience can understand it but yet the actor doesn't tell them exactly where they are or blatantly making it obvious through their actions...All I know is this thursday the planets will align and the world will be set right because the true champ is here...


this is the first day of the year where i actually had to buckle down and do work. it was terrible. actually, im not complaining, i've had a really easy time so far this year, stress-free and mermaids everywhere. But i have an interview tommorow, which is going to take some hardcore acting on my part. im gonna have to act like a mermaid and pretend to be a good studious young boy. i'm sure i'll be alright though. dueces.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Door excercise

I really liked the door excercise we did on tuesday. It was probably the hardest excercise I've taken part of so far. It was difficult to show everybody else wat we were doing and where we were coming from without the use of any props. I mean I started off not doing well and not being able to show what I wanted everyone to see but I think I eventually got better; at least I hope I did.

Ohh Yea

Well I have no reason for being happy, I just am. I have a feeling that class on Tuesday has a bit to do with it. I was laughing so hard just because class was so fun and entertaining. Thursdays class I hope will bring me the same anount of fun.


I don't really know what to write about for Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to do the last exercise yet, but I'm on to a good idea if we do it again tomorrow. I like the add-in exercises, though. I find myself jumping in more often and more willingly than I was at the beginning of the semester. I'd really like to be in an AU production before I graduate, but timing right now's an issue. But I'd be so pumped if someone from the class got in. Good luck, guys!

class tuesday

if i could think of one line that would sum up my entire semester in this acting class it would have to be "FBI! POP,POP,POP!" i almost pissed myself. i have to say that this is and probably will be one of my most favorite classes i will ever take. I am looking forward to my entrance and exit exercise tomorrow. I also can't believe i got eliminated from double whiz bang yesterday. I have never been eliminated before so props to whoever got me.

enterence and exit acivities

I likes the entrance and exit activities. I think it is weird doing nothing in the middle "neutral" area. It hard to show where you are leaving from and where you are going without something in the middle to display whats going on. But, I think it is a useful activity because in a real scene, everybody has to enter somehow and exit somehow and try to make it as realistic as possible.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my entrance and exit

I know i haven't gone yet but i'm pretty positive that ya'll will be impressed. I called into max's radio show i was listenin to it in my car on my way to wal mart, and i gotta say i'm very impressed so props julian.
Stay out the paint

Some things

Our exercises are going in a great direction. Adding in improv take everything to a whole new level because we now have to be able to feed off of what the other person says are does, despite how ridiculous it may be. I believe the key to be able to be good at this is too completely block out the audience. You have to acknowledge them because when they laugh you have to be able to stop and then pick up right where you left off. But to be able to become the character and embrace your surroundings, you have to block out the audience. If you are always waiting for the audience’s reaction then you are not focused on the scene itself.
Well, today's class was crazdiculous, esp the part where Bill entered as a small crazy kid... n then Max the FBI agent...
I had a great laugh then, and just cldnt stop... thinking of it, makes me want to laugh more and more.. wish we'd hv a video clip of this one :))
good job guys...


todays class was fun, i liked how the scene could just change instantly as soon as another person came up and said something differently. but on the other hand, it made things more complicated. speaking of complicated, the entrance and exit this was hard. very hard. but we'll get through it. oh and this snow is rediculous... i cant wait until summer when it is going to be warm again! i hate this cold weather!

short today

It's interesting to watch everyone's compfort level go up and up. Double whiz bang is very confusing, I was amazed that I lasted until the end. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the skits today.
I really think class is going great just like everyone else has said...It's fun, entertaining, and nice because it helps me wake up in the morning...It is somewhat annoying though when people purposely try to be funny just to be funny when they are up doing skits, because I think it is true that pure humor comes out when the audience thinks that the actor is truly portraying him/herself seriously that way and it's all the more funnier in that sense because you realize they are not playing to the audience but playing themselves....anyways that's all I got, secret garden was good but that kid actor couldn't find a note if it jumped up and bit him in the butt...

Monday, November 5, 2007


I believe class is going great. I feel that it is still getting better as the year progresses. Even though people are not trying to be funny, it always ends up being pretty darn hilarious. It makes my days turn into great days just because of how much I laugh during the time of that class.
I think me and max are by far the best improv performers, so untill someone pulls off an amazing performance, we will remain on top, looking down upon the rest of you. I'm really enjoying class more and more everyday, and I'm learning to appreciate acting more and more.

Class Tuesday

Im excited about having class tommorow. I really enjoyed the drill we did when we had to come up with everything on our own. It allowed us to show our creative side so that was fun. I hope that we can do it again during class on tuesday. And in case you missed it Browns won in overtime against the Seahawks. 5-3 baby!!!!

Some things

First off, I'm sorry for missing class Megan.
Second of all, I hope that we get to do our skit tomorrow in class because I think it will be fun. I think it will be really hard to have to improv and be concious about all the invisible objects at the same time. Hmmm, what else. Blood Diamond is an amazing movie just so you all know. And if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. Thats all I got.


Even though my partner was really cool and decided to not show up to class on Thursday (just kidding, AJ) I think my sister had a good time. It was kind of weird because I was thinking about how I would have to act in front of her, and I got a little nervous. I don't know if it's just because it's Beck and she knows me so well, or if it's the thought of having a real audience besides classmates-either way, it was odd I was worried at all because I've done plays before-in front of an audience with strangers and my fam. I shouldn't be afraid of my little sister, anyway, but as you guys saw (or most of you *cough* AJ) she outgrew me like, 10 years ago.

good week end , and classes are driving me crazy

So this weekend was good and a long night Friday night, but on Saturday it was just a lazy night. I got to go down with Phi Kappa Psi to do community service and paint the inside of a house it was alot of fun. I can't wait to do my scene it will be great. Of course wiz bang is still one of the best games to do in the morning. Class scheduling is driving me crazy the school isn't offering me anything in my major next year its killing me. Well i can't wait for class tomorrow and the browns won and are 5 and 3 a half game behind the steelers.


i too agree with anthony i cant wait to move on and get these floorplans done, i think this is preparing us well for our finals and i cant wait till we start those. GET OUT THE PAINT!!!

whatup homies?

Hey everybody, i'm pretty excited to get these floor plan things out of the way, even though they're fun i'm ready to do something else awesomer. Stay out the paint!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I think the skits we have been doing in class are really showing how much we have learned and it gives us an opportunity to use all of the lilttle activities we did just focusing on single aspects of acting and putting them all into effect at once. It is a lot harder than just doin that simple activities that focus on one thing but the skits are very beneficial especially in preparing for the final. I think everyone is doing a good job so far

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Secret Garden

I went tonight for the musical, and really enjoyed it a lot. It was a totally different genre than the play we saw earlier. The musical made the novel come alive.

Friday, November 2, 2007

skits 2

i thought the skits in class on thursday were pretty good. When fabio said not to say what object your talking about, i didnt even think about it that i was saying it, i was just having a conversation with dave, but i guess i did do too much telling instead of just reacting to what was going on. But i hope to continue thses skits.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Acting for Non-Majors on Facebook !!

Hey folks, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start a group of acting for non-majors on facebook, that way we could interact even more than we do here.
Awaiting your suggestions.
Have a lovley weekend.
I enjoyed watching all the skits today. And I felt Bill and Mitch did a really good job, the conversation just flowed and they complemented each other quite well.
Improvisation is good, but I was wondering what happens when actors get these pages of dialogues and they have to be true to it. Must be difficult I guess.

our scene

our scene was sweet. i enjoyed doing it and i thought it went fairly well. mike and i were thinking about how it would be better off going first, that way you get it over and done with and you have nothing else to compare to. i think i will try to start doing that way...
glad this week is about over, Thursdays are nice.. Friday classes suck because of the 730am class.. but i guess thats nothing compared to the weekdays mornings...


I love improv. Im so glad that we're doing it again. Bray and Max were hilarious. I cant wait to go today. I really think that Improv is probably the best part of acting because there are no scripted lines and you are just using your god given abilitys


i think the skits we are doing are very fun. they are fun but yet we have to make sure we touch all the objects in our skits. And we have to make sure the objects are the same size and height. i really enjoyed the first two skits. Max and brays was pretty good, and i thought they did a good job of making sure they went to each object. They flowed very well with their objects in their skit. I am looking forward to watching the other skits today!


So i have determined that god has been hazing me for some reason lately. I have so much homework to do and i still haven't gotten the results of my blood tests yet and i would like to because i would love to know why i feel like $h!t constantly no matter how much i rest i get or how much I eat or drink. My dad is on the verge of losing his job which possibly means us moving to Toledo and i don't want to move to Toledo. So then i get a phone call from my mom this morning at 7:26am and i look at the clock from my bed and im like WTF. so i lay there and let it go and she doesn't leave me a voicemail and so i get curious. I get up and use the bathroom, take out my retainer, and pick up my cell and call her back. She answers and i go whats up mom and she says are you sitting down. WOW I JUST LOVE THOSE PHONE CALLS! >:\ so after my heart stopped for like a minute i was like ok im sitting. she goes on to tell me about how my dog candy (who i had since i was 10 years old) got hit by a car and was killed last night. Im thinking to myself can things seriously get any worse. My brother was a wreck and didn't want to go to school i could tell my mom had probably been crying all night. My father i guess hadn't said a word and just wanted to be left alone and he has his court case against the police department tonight and i just felt so bad because i am so close to a breakdown right now that i sounded and felt like i didn't really care. i mean i really do and im sure when i go home and she is not there i will break down but im so dead right now i can't stand it. Im really looking forward to class today and im hoping that max julian will put on a wonderful performance because i need something to cheer me up for god sakes. so if you guys see me you know flash a smile, say hey, or just ask me how things are going because i really just need people to give me some positive support right now.
So yes I agree with you all, the new wizzbang double trouble attack combo is truly crazediculous...The scenes were also a blast to do and I had a lot of fun doing ours...But I beg you, please don't give me any credit for my acting prowess. It was easy for me to act like I was having an affair with Miss Dana...she is such a tiger "reeeeeeeer" Haha, Im just but seriously...Also I thought it would have been funny during Max and Bray's skit if when they brought up the ADPi's gone wild thing that Max would've said that that one has no good-looking girls in it or all the girls in that one are prude's...I dont know, that would have made me smile...Can't wait for the upcoming scenes, I'm sure you all will do superfluous jobs......
Double whiz bang was totally nuts. Never knew that the whiz could get you insane in the membrane like dat. Anyways, I thought that Tuesday's class was hilarious. The sitcom type scenarios were awesome, especially Bray's and Max's. It's crazy how much it can add to a scene when one of the characters wants something that is hard for them to get, like when Fabio told Bray to act like he wanted to watch the movie too. Totally crazdiculous.

meanwhile, at 1 in the morning...

Alright, all I have to say is that ADPis Gone Wild is pure fiction. At least there's no documented proof that I know of. And I'm really pumped to bring my little sister to class tomorrow. She's basically my alter ego and says all the stuff I'd like to, but I would get in trouble for. Right now we're capping off Halloween by watching White Noise after our fricken 2.5 hour drive back from Marietta....