Sunday, November 18, 2007


After our discussion of The Secret Garden, I think I've decided that should I ever be in any production, I'm not going to invite AJ to watch it; he'll rip it to shreds. And Dave Stuck won't be allowed to come if one of my children is in a play-he's just mean. On a different note, ADPi semi formal was on Saturday and was a lot of fun, and despite me being insanely tired, I'm watching the Brown's game right now, and I must say: that was some crazy field goal action at the end of the 4th.

THe Secret Garden Discussion

I def liked hearing everyone's opinions about the play. The discussion actually helped me understand the play a lil more and I found out the meaning of some things I didn't know before. I def. didnt have a complete understanding the play but now its a lil clearer. I hope everyone has a delicious turkey break :) I can't wait to eat food yay