Thursday, October 11, 2007

thinking about acting

I really think i want to go out for that play. I've never been in a play before but it's always been something i want to try. Now that i was in this class we had an open invitation to try out for this play and i'm really pumped to give it a go. Basically this class is sweet.


kelsy said...

I would seriously advise it... I was in musicals and plays in high school and you seriously learn alot about yourself and the character you're playing. It's a great way to build up that resume and a great way to meet new people. To tell you the truth... I'm thinking about auditioning for one sometime. It's hard though being an education major and all... there is no time to do anything it seems like.

Fabio Polanco said...


I really encourage both of you to go for the play. There are a lot of parts. Carbone, there are some prison guard roles in the play that might be a good start for you. Just remember that it is a commitment.