Tuesday, October 16, 2007

so i got to act again tonight. so my friends melanie and donnie have fun taking the sugar packets in convo and putting them in stacey's purse. so one night at dinner we decide that were are going to take as many sugar packets as we can and sugar stacey's room. so she calls me tonight and she says well im gonna go downstairs and get my pizza and then do a round if you want to come over and i said i would think about it. so of course i sprint to the 3rd floor of amstutz and unleash the sugar packet fury on her room and run back downstairs and outside and wait for her to call me. so she calls me and i say hey give me a call when your back in your room and she says like you haven't been here already and i was like no im just leaving the TKE house. shes like you're such a liar and i was like what's going on and she says you sugar packeted my room and i was like someone sugared your room oh my gosh ill be right there. so i run back inside and up the stairs and as soon as i see here room i fall to the ground laughing hysterically and panting and i convinced her it wasn't me. so i had her going and she really believed that it was mel and donnie but i ended up telling her at the end before i left. I HAD TO GET SOME PIZZA!

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