Monday, October 8, 2007

I did some great acting this weekend

Sp let me tell you guys about the hell that i like to call WORKING CEDAR POINT HALLOWEEKENDS! so for my fraternity we go and we work friday through sunday at cedar point for one weekend to raise money to help pay for our random finances for the year like insurance, etc. So friday we get there around 5 and have to be in the park at 6 to go meet with our leader and find out what we are doing. so we find out we are working Werewolf Canyon which is like a walk through haunted house. so we work that from 8-12 the first day. now 7 of our guys got to work a different haunted house and that was there job for the weekend. they got to work there from 2pm-12am each day except saturday we were done at 10. so the rest of us got screwed. half of us had to work traffic and they had to be at the park at 9am and they didn't get a break for 3 hours straight! i got to work admissions and be a ticket taker which wasn't as bad but we didn't really get anything more than an hour break during and another before we hade to report to werewolf canyon. so saturday was a 10am-12am day. then at least on sunday we worked from 845am-1pm and got to ride rides till we had to be at the canyon at 6pm and there was a crap load of people and i didn't even get to ride the maverick. but acting like a scary ass werewolf was a lot of fun. i made some kids cry which i did feel bad and scaring people was fun but driving home after working all weekend at 10pm was not fun at all. and i am sore and i have lost my voice so im glad it is over. I heard that the Phi Psi's are going soon so i just have to say have fun guys.

p.s. the housing place we were in was terrible it ranked pretty close to kilhefner and amstutz except we had air conditioners, which mine was broken if you guys get 1383, and we had to share rooms of three sooooooo yeah.

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