Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am a very fortunate soul to work at the job that I have here on campus. I work in the admission's office here at AU and other than the fact that I am allowed to get a lot of my schoolwork done while working with hott babes, I also get to work with a very diversified group of people. On Tuesday and Thursday I work with a very fun and gorgeous group of woman whom I have a lot of fun with....one said girl is really sweet and all she does is look at wedding magazines, talk about wedding stuff, plan out her wedding, look at wedding rings, and I can go on and on.....But I'm not berating her or coming on here to complain about her interests. I just wanted to say that it is very nice and almost encouraging to see young people in this day and age so in love....I will say it is somewhat depressing for myself, especially now that I am right in that age range where EVERYBODY I know is getting married....I can't complain too much though because I really think I have cut myself off relationship wise just because I know I won't be around this area once I graduate and why not save the pain for a breakup and just not worry about a g.f. or anything right now....Actually, I am quite content with my PS2 and my fishing gear, plus I have no money anyways!

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Anonymous said...

if U dont choose to open yrself to love, and to being vulnerable, you really cant enjoy life..
love is not about being together when U are at college and then forgetting all about it..
love goes on forever, and in love it doesnt matter how much money U hv or dont hv, what matters is love itself and trust..