Tuesday, October 16, 2007

= D

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I sure did. I went and saw the play Sunday afternoon. It was pretty good. Made me laugh a few times! I didn't understand the one part where Isabel came out but thats allright I guess. I didnt think that really fit in there. I think the play did a good job of expressing emotions and personality without props. And because that is what we do in class most of the time, I appreciated the play in that sense. It is really hard to do that sometimes, but it can be done and it is effective when its done well.


kelsy said...

I finally had a great week. My friend set my best friend and I up on a double blind date. It was so much fun and the guys are great. In fact they liked coming to see us so much they are coming back to Ashland for the weekend! fun fun!

Fabio Polanco said...


Please write about acting.