Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This assignment is terrible

So im glad class was canceled on Tuesday because i had a lot of work the i needed to get done so i decided that since this paper was added to my long list of things to do that i would get it out of the way. so i go into and i do a search and i try 3 different types of searches and couldn't find anything so i decide to go to and umm yeah i still couldn't find anything. i'm not trying to knock Fabio down because he is a great educator and i really enjoy this class but i feel that this assignment was just an off the cuff kind of thing. i don't think that he looked into the amount of information available on lisa loomer and i am having a difficult time writing this assignment so. thats how i feel.

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Fabio Polanco said...


Do your best. I think you should be able to piece something together from Reviews and Articles. Also, you may have seen some the films that she has written. You can use some of that to give your impressions. Remember, it's only one to two pages so you shouldn't need a lot of info.