Tuesday, November 20, 2007

im kinda nervous about this final because i have to agree with AJ this is all quite sudden. i mean the only thing we did all year was pretend that we were dealing with objects and reacting to other people, places, or things and now out of nowhere we have to write 2 page bios of our characters describing our life story only with the detail that affects the scene and is has to go along with the relation of our partners character. I also feel like my scene limits me because one of my lines is "ok i'm going to continue with my washing now" so i don't really have the freedom of being anywhere because i could be doing laundry or taking a shower or whatever. hopefully me and Jason can pull it off.

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kelsy said...

I have to completely agree... I didn't even get to do the other scene thing because I was so sick. I feel like I'm going into this thing blindfolded. I know we will be able to practice and rehearse, but at times I feel like that isn't enough. You're right... all we really have been is dealing with objects and now we actually have to interact with another person with feelings, emotion, and a story behind it. I'm completly nervous!