Friday, August 31, 2007


so for the days assignment, we had to listen to things around us. in class on Thursday i heard a lot of different noises when we had to close our eyes for five minutes. some of the things i heard was a lawn mower outside. I also heard shuffling of feet from in front of me, which i think was just people who couldn't keep still! :)
But I also heard the door open and slam, which was Mr. S walking in the door to tell us to open our eyes for discussion. I also heard someone sneeze and cough. Because I was sitting close to people, if you listened carefully you could also hear them breath, which was pretty weird actually!


behroozavari said...

Hey sorry, but am new here & really not into blogging..
anyway, in class, which was my 1st time, I had a great time.. the exercises, observing and listening made me realize that acting is not really about acting, but about reacting to either real or perceived circumstances around ourselves..

Fabio Polanco said...

Tanya, who is Mr. S?