Monday, December 3, 2007

Finally rememberd to blog again

So I'm happy that i am finally able to blog again, first off i forgot for a bit, and then i had to reset my password. So I'm back on again and now not lose any more points in class. I am really excited about our final and scared at the same time that i won't be able to provide the emotion i need for the scene. But only time will tell. The Browns lost but there still in the playoff picture so im still confident with them. My other team the Dolphins are still winless and that saddens me, but its ok were still the only team to go undefeated even if the patriots do we were still the first. No team will ever be able to break it. Last night i was remembering the great Paul Brown the only coach to coach at all 3 levels of football. High school, college, and pro. He spent 9 years at my home town high school the Massillon tigers. He posted a record of 80 wins 8 loses, and only 2 ties. He lead up to 6 state championships. He was just a great man and legend.

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